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Little Ninjas Chopper



This bike is one that I orginally built over 8 years ago. It started off as a stock size Paugh frame. Orginally I did all the mounting of the gas tank, oil bag, fenders, exhaust, ect...After riding the piss out of this bike for 8 years the owner showed up at my shop one day and seen a bike I was building that was on a 10 up and 4 out frame and he wanted to know if I could do that to his frame. Of course I said Hell Yeah!!
A week later I started cutting on his frame. After a month of frame work, building a new sissy bar, remounted the rear brake and gas tank we then put some flat black paint on it. Then it was ready to reassemble.
Little Ninja took this bike out on a 110 mph test ride and said it was bad ass!!
Left picture is the before, right picture is after the rebuild.

Old No 7


This bike is owned by Wayne Dilday Sr.  It is a 2003 H-D Deuce.  Wayne originally contacted me to do some custom 18 inch
Radius Ape Hangers.  After some discussion he let me know that he enjoyed drinking Old No 7 Jack Daniels, and that it was
his favorite drink and that this is why he had some Old No 7 stickers on his bike.  Wayne wanted to know if I could do
anything with the bike to include his favorite drink.  After some thought I came up with the idea of having some mini Jack
Daniel bottles with Old No 7 cut out of them.  We had those water jetted.  We did two bottles on the Ape Hangers.  I made
brackets that I welded to the bars that allowed me to bolt them in after chroming.  After seeing those he wanted a larger
bottle done up for the sissy bar that he had already order for me to custom make.  One of the request for the sissy bar, he
wanted to be able to use the sissy bar pad and luggage rack that he already had as well as have the larger Jack Daniels
bottle bolted on.  As I was wrapping up all this work Wayne called me up and wanted to know if I could make up some custom
exhaust tips with the Old No 7 logo on them.  I told him this was no problem.  I made two billet aluminum exhaust tips with
Old No 7 drilled in them.  Then I powder coated them black, then re-drilled the logo to give it a diamond aluminum look.  I
did all of the assembly of the new custom parts. We had the sissy bar and ape hangers powder coated gloss black.  Then we
entered the bike in the 2012 World Of Wheels show here in Kansas City and won 1st place in the Mild Custom Soft-tail class.
It wasn't long after the show that Wayne contacted me wanting me to custom make a radius crash bar to match his custom Radius Ape Hangers.  We had the crash bar powder coated black to match the rest of the custom parts. Since this bike we have worked on several other projects together.

2007 Yamaha Warrior


On this 2007 Yamaha Warrior we did a lowering kit, a set of bad ass loud custom pipes, custom air box and we modified the chain guard.

'84 Kawasaki LTD


On this bike we hard tailed the rear section of the frame, welded rear fender permentaly to the frame, cut out and added in new neck gusets, mounted on an aftermarket gas tank with modifications, and powder coated it black wrinkle finish.

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