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73 Shovelhead


The rebuild of Kickstand's 73 Shovelhead.  We got rid of the rear fender and built a Crazy Frank Fender.

Crockett's Chopper


Here's a look at a bike we did in 2008 for a guy named Randy Crockett from Medicine Lodge, Kansas.  We added the wing to the rear fender, made some bad ass loud pipes, and we streched and widened the gas tank and made it a flat bottom tank.

Crockett's Soft Tail Chopper


Randy dropped his bike off and due to him living so far away (about 4.5 hours) he did not get to see (he did not want us to send photos) his bike until he came to pick it up on his way to Bikes, Blus and BBQ down in Arkansas.  You can check out the video of Randy seeing his bike for the first time.  He was so impressed with Kickstand's work that Randy took us on an all expense paid trip to the Rally.  I think you could say that Randy was a very satisfied customer.  Thanks again Randy and we are all praying for you!

Chop Rocket

Custom one-off frame by Hellraiser's Fabrication. This customer was referred to us by Kobtown Cycles for a custom frame for a 1978 CB 750 Honda.  This guy knew just what he wanted, he just needed us to build it for him.  We did a custom drop seat rear section with an 8 inch stretch.  We used a Yamaha 600 RR front end and wheels, and we put on a 200 rear tire.  After all this the customer is now working towards more parts and fabrication.  We can't wait to do more on this cool project..Stay tuned for more.

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