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Plauge's Old School Chopper


Here is a photo of the bike when Plauge dropped it off at the shop.  And the other photo of it after Kickstand got his hands on it.  He first stripped it down then sent the frame out to sand blast then he cut the down tubes out and made some new ones, he had to cut the back bone lose and put it back into place and re weld it up.  Check back for more update's..

Coffman Project



Derek came in from St. Louis to get fitted fot the handlebars that Kickstand is going to fab up for him.  The second photo is of the handlebars after we got them put on and the motor put back int he bike.  Not to much longer and this "baby" will be headed home to St. Louis...more updates to come...

Coffman Project Heads Home


We have another satisfied customer here at Hellraisers Fabrication.  After 4 months of hard labor by Kickstand we have unveiled another bad ass one-off custom here.  Drop us a email and let us know what you think on the Coffman Project. 

Capone's Shovelhead


This Shovelhead frame came in with a cracked rear section.  This was a stock Harley frame that someone had put a cheap hard tail section on and it cracked so we had to cut the rear section off and we built a new rear section.

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