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Big Radius Wide Ape Hangers


Hellraiser's Fabrication's new Big Radius Wide Ape Hangers.  These are just like our Web Thowers just without the Web!  These bars are 40 inches wide end to end, and they are available in raw metal, black powder coat, and chrome, and they come with the knurled mouting bar!  They are available in a wide range of heights.  Standard 14 inch raw metal set starting at only $225.00, black powder coat only $255.00, and chrome only $325.00!!!  Call now to order your set.  816-318-1829

Harrimans 1976 Yamaha 650


We cut the front end off, and did a 6 inch up stretch using the stock neck.  We then added 4 inches in the backbone to match up to the new neck height.  We also built a standard hard tail section with a 2 inch stretch.

Coffman Project


This is another project that came to us out of St. Louis.  The Coffman Chopper consit of 6 up 4 out bottom rocker seat design frame, with a 40 degree rake, intended for a 6 over DNA Springer front end with a 21" front wheel, a 16" 130 style rear wheel.  Frame was designed for a 650 Yamaha power plant.  Keep checking back for more progress on the Coffman Chopper.........

Scott's Chopper

This bike came to us from Whicita KS as a roller that needed the final motor mounts put in, gas tank mounted, four quart oil tank built and mounted, rear fender struts built and mounted, mount rear fender.  We made wheel spacers, mounted coil and wiring accories, we also did a ten wire harness to complete the build and fire the bike, be sure to check out the video..
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