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Pull Behind Motorcycle Trailers

Have you ever thought about taking a weekend trip on your bike, or a trip to Wal-Mart, or to a buddy's party, but just don't have enough room to pack everything that you need?
Then we have the perfect solution for you!  A pull behind motorcycle trailer!!!
These lightweight pull behind trailers are durable, practical and will hold enough for two people with no prolbelm.The boxes on the trailer pictured above are made of heavy duty polyuretahne, so they won't rust.  Trailers start a $850.00  We can also build custom trailers to match your bike or your personaility.  You can get many extra's put on your trailer, spare tire, gas can holder, kickstand on
the front, ect.

Big Radius Web Thrower Ape Hangers



Check out our new BIG RADIUS WEB THROWER APE HANGERS. Available now at Hellraiser's Fabrication. These bad boys are available in raw metal, black powder coat, and chrome, and they come with the knurled mounting bar. They are also available in a wide range of heights. These bars are 36 inches wide end to end. Standard 14 inch raw metal set starting at only $355.00 , Powder coated black only $385.00, and chrome only $505.00!!!! Call now to order your set of Web Thrower Ape Hangers!!  Available only at Hellraiser's Fabrication!

Hansons 650 Yamaha


We cut off the rear section, rebuilt it with a 4 inch stretch hard tail.  We built a battery box, mounted an electrical tube box, and mounted up the Sportster gas tank.  We also mounted up the solo style seat.

Marten's Yamaha

This customer had bought an old 650 Yamaha from Colorado and brought it to us to remount the gas tank, to relocate the fuel petcock.  We also did a fuel gage on the side of the gas tank.  We mounted a battery box set up, we built a custom sissy bar and we mounted a tail light on the on it.  We also made a seat pan and we mounted up the exhaust.

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