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Little Bills Memorial

  Little Bill's Memorial   

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Little Bill's Memorial
Little Bill was a good friend of the shop that passed away and all of us here at the shop wanted to do something for his wife that she would be able to keep and feel like Little Bill was there with her. So Kickstand came up with this creative custom memorial!!!

Lighted Shadow Box Custom Tank


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This is a one of a kind Kings Crown Gas Tank with light shadow boxes in the sides of the tank, representing the shop's name lit up in green LED's!!  This ideal stems from the fact that I love to build custom gas tanks as well as my belief is that the gas tank is the center piece of a custom build.  With this being said I like to take my tanks to the next level by adding lights that have wiring that must be ran through the tank.  As well as a one off custom design that sometimes posses more of a challenge to build one than the entire bike that it is being built for.  So I built a gas tank that is fit for a king......

Lighted Shadow Box Custom Gas Tank



This is the Shadow Box Custom Tank from the top view.  I have always liked the Kings Crown
design and as far as I know there is no other gas tank that was designed to look like a kings crown... 

Peanut Butter Swirl Bars


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Peanut Butter Swirl Bars
These are a one of a kind!! They were desinged by a guy that goes by the name of Peanut Butter Swirl and built by Kickstand here at Hellraiser's Fabrication & Cycles. The big swirl bars had been a dream of Peanut Butters for years. Of course he came to us to have his dream bars built. That is why our shops motto is "Where Dreams Become Reality" These bars were not the easiest task to build seeing as they are the most complex bars that I have built over the years. They had to be made in multiple sections utilizing over 18 feet of material. The metal work had to be perfect for the chroming process.  After all was said and done, they turned out perfect to make for one Happy Peanut Butter!!
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